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Stained Glass: Lava Giraffe :iconjkellis:jkellis 2 0 The Caterburger :iconjkellis:jkellis 8 4 Soulless 2 / Sketch :iconjkellis:jkellis 14 4 COMMISSION: Holy Chinese Dragon :iconjkellis:jkellis 10 1 Stupid Pets 011 :iconjkellis:jkellis 7 3 Stupid Pets: The Roster :iconjkellis:jkellis 12 7 Stupid Pets: The first season roster! / Sketch :iconjkellis:jkellis 8 7 Stupid Pets 010 :iconjkellis:jkellis 9 5 Stupid Pets 009 :iconjkellis:jkellis 5 4 Stupid Pets 008 :iconjkellis:jkellis 11 6 Stupid Pets - PUFF and FUDGE: Their garden :iconjkellis:jkellis 13 4 COMMISSION: Lainey the Owl :iconjkellis:jkellis 22 12 Puff: 10,000 PAGEVIEWS :iconjkellis:jkellis 8 6 Mr. Cleric vs Mr. Knight :iconjkellis:jkellis 19 6 Sir Cleric vs. Sir Knight / sketch :iconjkellis:jkellis 11 8 COMMISSION: Holy Chinese Dragon / Sketch :iconjkellis:jkellis 24 19


Stained Glass: Lava Giraffe
A piece I designed on Adobe Illustrator a year back when i was bored as f*** at work with nothing but down time on my hands. Rather than stare at the company website like a starving child, I went a little bit mad. I REGRET NOTHING!!

The picture is a part of one of my personal projects I work on in my own time. It's about time I uploaded it...

Enjoy. Criticism is welcome.
Illustrated with um... Illustrator!

© jkellis 2017
The Caterburger
A monster I did many years back when I was a kid for a comic book series starring my school mates as funny little characters set to fight the burger minions of an evil character who was obese, had anger problems and was the epitome of vulgar. People would laugh at how repulsive it was. Oh those were the days...

This monster was mainly a experimental piece after finally sitting down with my wacom tablet to give it a good whirl, inspired by an old friend I met on DA a long time ago watching one of her drawing process videos. Office work can truly steal your life away...which I will not allow to consume any longer!

It was a lot of fun to create! Criticism is welcome.

© jkellis 2017


Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United Kingdom
A character designer, animator, writer, graphic designer and concept artist. A person with a motive to only strive for the best of myself!

I draw traditionally on paper before finalising and adding the magic using either Photoshop CS4 or Illustrator CS4 (I refuse to use CC...). I have experience with animation using After Effects CS4 and Final Cut Pro from creating videos in the past.

All artwork before the 29th of January 2014 when coloured in has been done with only a mouse! I have acquired myself a tablet and are beginning to learn with it. :) I rarely get to give it a proper go after work being to tired as we all are with jobs... but now its time to get back into it in 2017!

I also like to work on video game related interfaces such as items and UI.

My current job is an Artworker, of which I vectorise and design logos for schools, businesses and big-cat companies, get their work pantone printed on a wide range of merchandises using Adobe Illustrator, and I photoshop assets for clients, website design and advertising. The worst challenge all can agree is wanting to create something for yourself when you should be working... Oh how it pains your instincts.
Just doing this for the badge. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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  • Watching: Rambo 2008 (it's garbage)
  • Playing: Sonic Adventure 2
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VINOMISSARTS Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! I just read wat you've been up to, and I was in the same hole. I hav a college degree and I had a hard time finding a job that I loved. I suffered from depression for the next 4 years! I was watching youtube and I came across a youtuber name SHAMELESS MAYA. She put up a video about how artist are Beautiful and have a gift that is meant to be shared and that artist should just shamelessly put their work out there to see what happens. I put my work out there and have gotten lots of positive feedback and I was making my own money and I felt incredible. If u r having trouble finding work then chances are, u r meant to be your own boss. Keep the faith in yourself and your art, It WILL take u places. I'LL say this again, STUPID PETS looks like a hit cartoon show. All u need to do is to continue to put them out there and u will get SOMEONES attention. I Kno it!
jkellis Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring comment. I've been having real troubles finding work, but now that I have something (even if it isn't permanent), I have the insecurities off of my back. Do you think you could give me a link to this video of this SHAMELESS MAYA? I've seen her profile but cannot detect the video you speak of.

P.S. I'm going to try and shamelessly show off my personal work in the future. I just need to stop clinging onto doubts and fears of work being stolen by bigger corporations. lol 
VINOMISSARTS Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
U might want to consider making a youtube channel. it's also a great way to get the world to notice u.

my youtube channel is Vinomiss Ivy, and It's all about my creativity, check out my channel, maybe it can help inspire u more.
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